By Using The Recruitment Management System, The Organisation Can Manage the Complete Recruitment Process of The Organisation From Job Vacancy Advertisement Up to Final Appointment. It’s Purely Handy and Auto Generated List Driven System.

Steps And Process of Recruitment Management

  • Creation of Vacancy Through the Administrative Panel.
  • Collection of Resumes Through Own Website / Bioknox Portal / Entering at Admin Portal.
  • Shortlisting of Resumes as Per the Requirement of The Organisation.
  • Finalising of Resumes and Mailing Interview Letter.
  • Submitting Physically Interview Attended Candidate List.
  • Finalising The Candidate as Per The Own Marking Method.
  • Mailing Offer Letters to The Finalised Candidates.
  • Finalising The Joined Candidate and Mailing Appointment Letter.
  • Auto Creation of Employee Details from Recruitment Process Database.

Attendance of The Organisation Always Plays a Vital Role in It’s HRMS. In BioKnox The Attendance of The Employee Can Be Collected in Multi Angular Ways. By The Auto Punch Collection Tools of BioKnox With Its Auto Attendance Processing Method The Attendance With Its Related Reports Generated Automatically Without Any Additional Human Afford or Interference.

Methods of Attendance Capturing In BioKnox

  • Attendance From Third Party Biometric / RFID Attendance Devices
  • Attendance From BioKnox GEO Fenced Attendance App With Pre Installed Finger Scanner
  • Employee Out-Door Tour Posting Through Employee Self Service App
  • Employee Mis Punch Posting Through Employee Self Service App
  • Employee Tour GEO Based Attendance Through Employee Self Service App

Reports Generated From BioKnox Attendance Management Module

  • Daily Attendance Report ( Presentee / Absentee)
  • Late Comer / Early Mover Report
  • Continuous Late Comer Report
  • Continuous Absentee Report
  • Multi Type Muster Roll Report
  • Multi Type Monthly Abstract Report
  • Instant Live Employee Status
  • Multi Types Over Time Reports
  • Employee Logs & Punch Register
  • Outside GEO Fenced Punch Records Report

Every Organisation Have Its Own Policy of Leave Planners and Facilities of Leaves. In BioKnox Leave Management Module, The Organisation Can Manage Its Leave Policy as Per Its Required Basis. Here the Organisation Can Plan Multiple Numbers of Leaves with Its Restriction Points and Authentication Point. The Employee Can Apply Its Leave from Employee Self Service Portal or Android App as Per Requirement Basis, Also the Same Can Be Approved By Their Reporting Authority or Seniors From Their Respective App or Portal.

Features & Facility of Leave Management

  • Preparation of Leave Masters with Its Setups
  • Assignment / Allotment of Leave to Employee on Yearly Basis.
  • Apply of Leave by The Employee Through ESS App or ESS Portal.
  • Approval of Leave Through ESS App or Portal by Their Respective Seniors.
  • Apply and Approval of Leave by HR Through Admin Portal (On Requirement Basis).
  • Leave Cancellation by The Employee or Refusal by Their Respective Seniors.
  • Leave Availed Status Auto Generated with Attendance Processing.
  • Auto Generation of Leave Ledger & Leave Balance.
  • Surrender of Leave as Per the Company Policy.
  • Leave Status Reports Like Applied, Approved, Availed, Cancelled Etc.
  • Auto Leave Balance Transfer to Preceding Year with Leave Allotment.

In the BioKnox Management of Payroll of The Organisation as Simpler as Like a Child Play, By Using Its Payroll Management System The Organisation Can Plan and Prepare The Pay Sheet of Its Employee In a Minute. The Payroll Can Be Prepared for Employee as Well as Contract Labor in Few Simpler Steps. All the Payroll Structured As Per The Current Industrial CTC Method.

Features of Payroll Management

  • Freezing of Attendance on Required Basis for Payroll Process.
  • Preparation of Own Allowance & Deduction Masters.
  • Proportionate As Well As Fixed CTC Setup Structures.
  • Mass CTC Setup Assignment to Employee.
  • Skill / Designation Wise Workman CTC Setup.
  • Preparation of Own EPFO Setup / Structure.
  • Preparation of Own ESIC Setup / Structure.
  • Preparation of Own Professional Tax Setup / Structure.
  • Preparation of Own TDS Setup / Structure.
  • Issue / Sanction of Loans to Employee.
  • Loan Recovery Planner at The Time of Sanction.
  • Over Time Payment Structure Planner.
  • Hour Based Workman Salary Calculation.
  • Impose of Fine & Penalty on Employee.
  • Final Salary Payment Information Maintenance.
  • Generation of All Statutory Reports on EPFO, ESIC Etc.

While an organization wants to increase its work efficiency by starting a clear strategical interaction with its employee, at that point it always needs a process through which all the information between an employee as well as an employer should be managed in a transparent way. By using the BioKnox Employee Self Service Portal and android App it becomes easier for the organization to maintain the same.

Features of BioKnox Employee Self Service Portal and Android App

  • Own Attendance Status Observation
  • Own Profile Status Observation
  • Apply of Tour Details as Out-Door Posting
  • Authorization of Out-Door Posting of Juniors
  • Submission of Mis Punch Record
  • Authorization of Mis Punch Posting of Juniors
  • Apply of Leave as Per Requirement Basis
  • Approval of Leave of Juniors
  • Assignment of Task to Colleagues
  • Task Completion Info of Own and Colleagues
  • Daily Job / Time Sheet Report Submission
  • Own Salary Generated Information
  • Own Statutory Deduction Information
  • Information Sharing with Seniors and Juniors
  • Maintaining Own Reminders and Notes

In an organization all the HRMS calculations mostly depends on the status of attendance of its employee, to make the attendance genuine and transparent now a days all the organization implementing Biometric based standalone attendance device. In BioKnox the user doesn’t need any third-party application for interaction with biometric attendance device to manage its employee finger / face template, receive attendance logs and interact with the device. Also, there is no need for manual logs data or users’ data management which plays the vital role in data manipulation.

Facilities and Features of Device Management in BioKnox

  • Communication with the Biometric Devices
  • Automated Attendance Logs Transfer from Biometric Devices
  • Automated Finger Templates Transfer from Biometric Devices
  • Automated Face Templates Transfer from Biometric Devices
  • Automated Users Photo Transfer from Biometric Devices
  • Automated Users Creation While New Users Found in Biometric Devices
  • Auto Transfer of Users to Slave Biometric Devices
  • Auto Deleting of Users from All Biometric Devices on Not Working of Employee
  • Auto Locking of Biometric Devices on Requirement
  • Auto Time Adjustment of Biometric Devices As per Server Time
  • Reboot or Shutdown of Biometric Devices on Requirement Basis
  • Uploading of Encrypted Attendance Logs Through Pen Drive

Basically, the organization who wants to implement Multi Door Access Controller in now a days, they has to keep a separate Biometric device for their employee attendance management. In BioKnox we have made a feature through which the organization can utilize the Multi Door Access Controller logs data as the employee attendance. By this facility it reduces the cost of expense of hardware for the organization as well as it reduces the additional efforts for manage both Door Access Controller and Biometric Device for Attendance.

Benefits of Door Access Control Management

  • No need to manage the multi door controller separately through third part app
  • The controller data also can automatically transfer to BioKnox
  • Organization can utilize the controller logs as attendance logs
  • Management of Controller becomes easier due to single platform operation
  • Multiple controller and door master can be created by the user as per requirement basis
  • Both finger and card-based controller can be manageable
  • It reduces the additional hardware expense for installation of separate biometric device
  • Supports multiple brand and multiple model controllers

Now a days every organization who is involved with large scale workman-based industry like, construction companies, steel industries, cement industries are always facing issues to manage a huge volume of workman. In BioKnox we have included the features and facility to manage a big volume of workman from its appointment up to its Full and Final. The BioKnox CLMS is designed as per our work experience with large scale workman-based projects of our corporate clients like L&T and Tata Projects Ltd. Etc.

Features of BioKnox Contract Labor Management System

  • Management of Vendor Details with Approved Workman Supply Strength
  • Vendor Work Order Validity Management with Auto Alert
  • Auto Blocking of Workman as Per Vendor Work Order
  • Auto Blocking of Workman Attendance From Biometric Device on Long Term Absence
  • Workman Details Management with Skill Category and Designation
  • Direct Workman as well as Vendor Based Workman Management
  • Tracking of Duplicate Workman in a Project
  • Vendor Wise Man Hour and Man Days Calculation
  • Multi Angular Vendor and Skill Wise Attendance Reports
  • Skill Category Wise Wages Fixation.
  • Wages and Over Time Payment Calculation
  • Vendor Wise Wages Payment Bill Generation
  • Workman Full and Final Calculation

It is the unique concept of BioKnox in which the Biometric attendance of an employee or workman captured with its geological position of attendance. Now a days if an organization has multiple offices at multiple remote locations or its employee and works at an open space projects like construction project of Road, Rail Tracks, Pipeline, Telecom, Power Distribution then its difficult to know whether the Biometric attendance given by the employee or workman through its provided devices are genuine or not. In this specified android application of BioKnox the attendance captured through a mini finger scanner is genuine as well as authentic.

Features of BioKnox GEO Fencing Attendance

  • Registration of Employee or Workman All Fingers
  • Making of Employee or Workman UID Through the Registered Finger Template
  • Finding of Duplicate Employee or Workman Through Registered Finger Template
  • Device Wise Employee or Workman Assignment
  • Specification Device GEO Position Through Web App
  • Capturing Employee or Workman Attendance with GEO Position Through App
  • Facility of Online as well as Offline Attendance with GEO Position Capturing
  • Fixation of Geological Boundary of Attendance Device
  • Rejection / Scratching of Out Bound GEO Position Attendance
  • Any Kind of Android Device Can Be Convertible to GEO Fencing Attendance Device
  • Auto as well as Manual Transmission of Captured Attendance to BioKnox Server

Benefits of BioKnox GEO Fencing Attendance System

  • No Need to Install Separate Dedicated Biometric Attendance Device
  • GEO Fencing Attendance not Present with Any Biometric Device Which is Present in This
  • No Need to Worry About Power Management Related Issues
  • No Need to Maintain the Biometric Device Since Any Regular Android Phone Becomes An Attendance Device
  • The Mini Finger Scanner Which Is Very Rugged and Can be Manageable in Any Kind of Weather Condition
  • There is No Chance of Theft or Damage of Device Since The Organisation Can Issue to Any One For Capturing Attendance due Its non-fraudulence feature.
  • Any Standard Biometric Device Has Limited Template Store and Matching Capacity but Here The User Can Track Any Employee / Workman Through Its Registered Template Database in BioKnox Server.